I consider actually that Tolkien fantastic stories are far beyond fantasy.

The Lord if the rings trilogy, based on his book Silmarillion mirrors a world governed by forces beyond the  visible one. What else is this, than the same base the christian faith is build up on. Unfortunately the churches did an excellent job to distort the picture into something from were most of us have this negative or old fashioned ideas of God and his band.
Tolkien did it in a much better way. Instead of pushing  forward a dogma he told a fantastic tale where the Almighty is called Eru or Illuvatar, where Valar and  Maiar present the complex hierarchy of angels as mentioned in the bible but also where there is no way of self made salvation

How can one be a scientist and believe in this things?  Some of the greatest scholars ever lived on earth expressed their faith into a living God! While a lot of people may not know Maxwell, Stokes or Coulson, many should be aware that Pascal, Newton and Faraday are the men which some of the qualitative units of today  are named after.
However God can not be found by intelligence and logical derivations, that would be unfair.
He wants our hearts  and then he can be experiencedthrough his Son Jesus Christ who died for mankind and ressurected again. That's one reason why myself and my family are members of the BewegungPLus in Dietikon, a lively and familiar church.


One of my paintings



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